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A clubhouse is defined by its unique model and powerful demonstration that people living with mental illness can lead and live productive lives.  Clubhouses are local community centers providing structured support for its members through the "Work Ordered Day".  The Clubhouse model strongly promotes the concept of membership, a sense of belonging, and the right to self-determination for its members. 

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Clubhouse International


The Clubhouse Model helps people with a history of serious mental illness rejoin society and maintain their place in it; it builds on people's strengths and provides mutual support, along with professional staff support, for people to receive prevocational work training, educational opportunities, and social support. Its validity is moderated and approved by the International Center for Clubhouse Development.

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Definition of The Clubhouse Model   or

Clubhouse International Standards


Established in 1991, Thrive's Hillsgrove Clubhouse became Rhode Island's first certified clubhouse. We are a healthy and restorative community for adults living with mental illness. With the clubhouse model. we strongly promote the concept of membership, a sense of belonging, and the right to self-determination for our members. 


The Clubhouse experience has been proven to result in positive outcomes for many members including:

  • Better Employment Rates

  • Cost Effectiveness

  • Decreased Hospitalizations

  • Reduced Incarcerations

  • Improved Well-being

  • Better Physical and Mental Health


For more information on clubhouse statistics visit: Clubhouse International

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