TE Employment (TE): time-limited, part-time competitive employment: Designed to help members strengthen work skills, regain confidence, and develop work references. TE allows member to explore a variety of employment opportunities. The Clubhouse chooses the member and manages the position for the employer. The member is hired as an employee of the company. The member works at the employer’s place of business. Transitional Employment is not segregated or sheltered. The Clubhouse provides training and back-up coverage in the event of member absence. Job development generally focuses on the needs and interest of the Clubhouse collective

Supported Employment (SE): permanent competitive employment: The employer hires the member directly and there generally is a formal relationship/understanding between the Clubhouse, the working member, and the employer. The Clubhouse is likely to have assisted the member in obtaining the job and the support offered by the Clubhouse may have been a determining factor in the hiring decision by the employer. In addition the Clubhouse provides an array of flexible supports both on-site and off-site. On-site supports can include training support, job carving, career development support, natural support development, and setting up reasonable accommodations. The Job development is member centered and career oriented. The position is not a set-aside in which the Clubhouse has a responsibility to recruit for and fill the position or provide absence or back-up coverage. The member is paid the prevailing wage rate and there remains continued support to from the Clubhouse to achieve a livable wage.

Independent Employment (IE): permanent competitive employment: The employer hires the member directly. With IE, the Clubhouse has no formal relationship with the employer regarding the individual position. As a result, the Clubhouse does not provide on-site supports or back-up coverage. Extensive and flexible off-site supports are available to the member. Disclosure is a member choice. Job development is member centered and career oriented.



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